Nov 14, 2013


our archive vismat,  today is enriched with 50 excellent texture of fabrics patterned and solid color can also be used as wall coverings and some texture carpets.
to enrich your collection of material vismat 
who has kindly allowed us to share here just a small part of his material

We apologize to our fans for the inconvenience with the problem encountered yesterday with the sharing of our material collection 3d trees on Dropbox, that without prior notice, suspended all  the shared links "to have generated excessive traffic" We have received an email informing us of the suspension links, only after it had already been made.
For the record, this is what we read in the help forum and covers both the free accounts that pro accounts and business

Personally, I do not discuss the choices of the company, everyone has their own reasons for choosing up its own corporate policies, but do not agree with the methods .... especially when in the instructions of use you read this .  Now we're back to good old Mediafire! 

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