Nov 24, 2013


Chalkboards are no longer just for the classroom. In fact, it seems they are being used less and less in schools and more and more in the home! Has blossomed into a full-fledged design craze.

We explore the many ways that chalkboard paint, also known as blackboard paint, can add interest to your home or  project for any public venue. A fun way to personalize any space.

Chalkboard is available in many shades of color and is also very easy to accomplish. Here you will find useful instructions for use

From my point of view, however, is the black which gives it the charm that we can see in the pictures that follow.
The idea is really brilliant because it allows you to create or renew any area in an original way. I'm sure cha after reading this article, in your mind will be flowering dozens of ideas and the desire to try
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