Nov 10, 2013


Finally after so many boys, we have the pleasure to present you a representative of the fairer sex: our new friend is called Nhim Ngoan Hien and besides being very beautiful is also very good at her job.

Nhim, studied architecture in Da Nang Architecture University in Vietman, where he lives and works. Today he wanted to share with us this 3d model made ​​in sketchup 2013 with vray 2.0 setting, complete with textures and VISOPT that represents an angle really lovely with piano, all played in shades of white that we have very much appreciated for the delicacy of the scene.
A big thanks to Nhim for this delicious contribution
Those who wish to contact Nhim for counseling, can do this by clicking on this address facebook

render test vray 2.0 by Nhím Ngoan Hiền

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