Oct 30, 2013


Do you remember that a couple of months ago we did a survey to have your opinion on the functioning of our blog?  (Meanwhile, I take this opportunity to thank you again for having responded and participated in so many)

Of course, your answers have made me very happy because over 80% of you said she was satisfied, ... but there was also a 20% who did different considerations
This prompted me to look for solutions  in order to improve the site navigation ....always taking into account of course that it is a Blog, with all the limitations that this entails.

In recent days, I proceeded to make many small changes  to lighten the pages in order to speed up the loading of the site. I have inserted a horizontal menu that will allow you to more easily find the topics and items of interest. Please let me know if you like ^-^

We are also looking forward to have some sponsors, because with the revenue from advertising, we can finally rent the web space needed to create a real online store organized as it should be, fast, reliable and secure.
A real international warehouse  for our textures  to download faster,  to load in high definition and do many other useful things to all of us.... Wooow  I'm dreaming  ^ - ^
Meanwhile, we must content ourselves with the reality that it is not so bad .... :D

So what do you think of this beautiful set of textures, wood flooring?
Two versions are available depending on which rendering engine used

1) at this link, you can download the seamless textures parquet , complete with Vismat,
    with displacement and normal map

2) at this link you can download only the seamless wood parquet texture
to enrich your collection of material vismat material click HERE and visit  rhinoshack.com  who has kindly allowed us to share here just a small part of his material
I wish you all a wonderful day ! 

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