Sep 1, 2013


We are pleased to be able to share this spectacular 3d model work of our friend Winston S. Ellosca that we present: 
WINSTON S. ELLOSCA is a young architect who lives in the from  Quezon  City in the PHILIPPINES and works as a and works as a freelance Designer, CAD architect, 3d Rendering service.  If you wish to contact him you can send a message to its facebook profile here

5_villa_exterior_3d_model_render_vray 1.6_beta
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We asked Winston to tell us something about his project, and here are his words:
the name of this project is CASAS PARTICULARES which means " holiday home" It is a proposal for a client of mine here in the Philippines. The project includes a mini Hotel, Chapel, Cabana and a private pool.

Like all customers, in addition to the traditional project, I was asked to create a rendering as realistic as possible ... and all this for me it was really a great and exciting challenge.! For the 3D modeling I used SketchUp Pro 8, because it is a program very easy to use as well as being a powerful software architecture, great for those who do a job like mine.

For rendering I used VRAY 1.6 Beta for sketchup . though a lot of rendering plug-ins is available VRAY is different it's a very powerful rendering plug-ins that challenge you to make your concept/sketches come to reality. thanks also to its added new features (Vray RT, Vray proxies, etc..) it helped me to produce a realistic image like in 3ds max.   

I hope this 3d model I shared complete to VISOPT, HDRI ,  IES LIGHT and TEXTURE
could be of help to all those who are learning both 3d modeling that the rendering process. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need clarification . 

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