Aug 22, 2013


really useful this tip of Jason Diocera that explains how to create a artificial dome light with vray 1.49 per sketchup.Let's see how to proceed step by step to achieve this result

step 1 
create a simple 3d model for this tutorial 

step 2 : create a circle depends on your preference 
circumference size

step 3 : then group in and then create a arc for 
our artificial dome 

step 4 : this is our dome for artificial dome light 

step 5: Move at the center where our 3d model locates 

step 6: create a standard material and rename it to 
" dome Light" and then add emissive to its paramaters

step 7. like the tutorial in HDRI  click the " M " 
of the emissive color, and then load the 
HDRI base on you preference

  follow the red box highlight

step 9 : Double clik the dome, and then clik the material 
right click and select the " apply material to selection "

step 10 : if you notice dull effect of the dome ligth that i 
created so there's a adjustment for that

step 11 : first add some " VRAY PLANE " so the artificial 
dome light won't leak to the outside 
in the box highlighted in red
is the vray plane automatic any size would 
close out the whole scene at the buttom

step 12: second, adjust the shuter speed of our camera settings
because where are using the HDRI for our artificial Lighting

step 13 : change the shutter speed to 15

step 14: like the tutorial in HDRI, play the horizontal rotation for its 
location of the HDRI sun. For example first 0.0

step 15: the orizontal rotation of 0.0

step 16: change it to 280 horizontal rotation 

step17: the horizontal rotation of 280

final result
this is the example output when you using the artificial
dome ligght in your render 

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