Aug 11, 2013

Su bedroom model vray 1.6 beta tutorial

free sketchup model bed room #4 and tutorial
really great this bedroom done in sketchup 2013, and shared with us by our friend Roquemar Beltram that you have already got to know through its splendid model "Gorki House"

Also this model is full of texture and supported by an excellent tutorial that explains step by step, the material setting, sided material, ies lights, rectangular ligth, camera setting with vray 1.6 beta and photoshop post processing
A big thank you from all of us!

sketchup model bedroom #4 and  vray 1.6 beta tutorial

       here is the scene that you can get following the suggestions of tutorial by Roquemar
vay 1.6 beta  render bedroom #4_Roquemar Beltran

bedroom #4 vay 1.6 beta tutorial
please read carefully our

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