Jul 22, 2013


free sketchup model vray setting and Visopt bedroom #3 
Here is a new scene 3d bedroom, complete with textures and Visopt, modeled in Sketchup Pro 8 and rendered with V-Ray for sketchup 1.49.02, from our friend, the architect LEO VALENZUELA
Thank you very much for this excellent contribution !
Leo studied at Laguna State Polytechnic University where he graduated in architecture, and lives and works in Batangas in the Philippines.
I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to contact our friend for any problem related to this model.
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this is the  sketchup 3d scene
sketchup model beedroom #3

render test scene 1
sketchup model bedroom #3 vray 1.49 render_1

render test scene 2
sketchup model bedroom #3 vray 1.49 render_2

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