Jan 2, 2013

TILES trends interior architectural

new line of texture trend for interior architecture by Refin Ceramiche Italy

Design TaleStudio, Refins ceramics experimental laboratory, continues its prestigious collaborations with leading names in design, presenting FRAME, the new collection developed together with famous graphic design agency Studio FM Milano.

In the FRAME collection, the graphic language exploits the most modern ceramics technologies, expressing itself through powerful decorative surfaces inspired by the matter, subjects and suggestions of tradition and interpreting the evolution of the ceramic floor concept in a contemporary key.
FRAME does not represent a return to the past, but a step towards the future that changes without forgetting its roots, stating once again the unbreakable bonds between culture, innovation and creativity that has always fuelled DesignTaleStudio's work.
The collection offers a new interpretation of flooring design for commercial spaces as well as private homes, holding the added value of an avant-garde vision towards research and innovation.

tiles texture trend #1
The masterpieces of the textiles designer Anni Albers, the fabric patterns of Bauhaus, but also the CARPET 
wooden carvings of the tangram or the magical effects of the kaleidoscope inspire Carpet. In the typical, clear and welldefined lines of digital design and the use of contemporary colours, the great 20th century textiles tradition evolves into a highly innovative product.
tiles texture trend #2
All the evocative power of classic patterns that take us back to bygone childhoods, a family atmosphere, is expressed in Majolica. The deconstruction of the traditional subject, the reinterpretation of colour and the emphatic use of changed scales creates a dynamic and thrilling effect
tiles texture trend #3

The typical stroke of large cyanographic prints, autocad libraries and blueprints, meets the patterns of the azulejos creating a bridge between Mediterranean decorative traditions and the digital age. The geometrical lines of the abstract patterns create complex optical games in the thin traces that work together on different scales.
tiles texture trend #4
is an optical game of sinuous lines, refined elegance expressed by soft colours which, through their modularity, offer a pleasantly undefined visual flow. Loosely inspired by the oriental Shibori technique, dyeing fabrics by exclusion, Weave is able to graphically set the vibration of the textile pattern in the ceramic matter.

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