Nov 5, 2012


With this tutorial, we learn to use two important plugin
 Modelling an "EGG SHELL SEAT"  here the easy way
 I Created the model using TOS-Tools on surface, 

The tutorial is divided into 2 parts:
Part 1 of the modeling chair
 Part 2 modeling of the support
Create a Circle....Make sure the entity info has a 50 
segments and not the "default" which is 24
 Make a half circle....make sure the "Curve" also has a segment of 50

 Copy the circle using the edit "COPY" 
and then click the grouped half circle and "PASTE IN PLACE"
now click the half circle using the "FOLLOW ME" tool
 Remember....just one click....and whoalla!!! 
 Youn have created the circle with just a touch of your mouse...:)
Now create a line using your "TOS" or Tools on Surface Plugin
 Delete the upper portion and this is what it would look like.
 Now, using the "JOINT PUSH PULL" plugin...
extrude the surface by 50mm distance...that is 2" in the american standards 
if you are using the "INCH" template.
Make sure to select the surface first....then press "ENTER" twice
The image that you see will be the outcome
 use the "SCALE" to make adjustments on the egg shell group
Create your legs for the egg seat from the grouped circle on the bottom...
you can think of any design you like to make. 
But make sure to make a copy, and place it on top, parallel at the bottom circle..
 that will be our "CUSHION"
the "CUSHION" will be made using the "ROUND CORNER" plugin 
to give the edge a better what you can see on the image
Now color the mid part with yellow.....
this gives a look on our cushion as the "egg yolk"....and we are done....
you have created your own model of the egg seat.
 this will be your finished work

 PART 2 
 The easy way to make use of the "Folow Me" tool
 Remember the "CIRCLE"? the one on the bottom of our egg seat?.....
that would be our stand....allow me to show you how...
 Same as how we created the Sphere, we will make the segment of our circle in 50mm
 Create an "Upright" rectangular plane like so in the image you see...
just make sure to create it on the dead center of the cicle, and then make it a "GROUP".
 Create any shape you like on that plane.....
erase the unwanted part
it would look like this, I have created my own 
and you can do your own design as well
 Just create any shape you like
 now going back to the the edge of the circle and 
"COPY" it...and "PASTE IN PLACE" inside the grouped plane that we created
after you "PASTE IN PLACE" the "FOLLOW ME" tool
 and click it on your plane once...see what happens?
 Another perfect stand created by the "FOLLOW ME" tool.....
like that in the image you see.
Now, just position our seat on the stand we created and we are DONE!
happy modelling my friends!!!
 Rendered Result.

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