Jun 29, 2012

TUTORIAL IES Lights in Vray for Sketch-Up.

Tutorial IES  Lights in Vray for Sketch-Up

created by Onel Pabico for sketchup group

Step 1 - Here is my scene with all the accessories and ready to render. Sets your unit. Its is very important that you know your working unit

Steps 2 - After setting the units, add IES Lights. Unlike other lights,
IES lights are capable of bringing the real world effects
and properties of a real luminaires by means of its
 photometric data provided by the lights manufacturer.
After settings the lights, right click on it and edit

Steps 3
 Setup your render parameters, here the initial
Settings 1

Steps 4 - setting 2

Steps 5 - setting 3

Steps 6 - setting 4

Steps 7
 Final render. Then adjust its color with color
correction tools found in vray frame buffer

Final render

Another view - see the difference when units is adjusted

If you are not familiar with IES power amount when the models unit is in meter, try to adjust meter to millimeter and provide lower value for the light. You will find it more comfortable.

Here is the final render

Here is another example using millimeter as base working units

And here is the rendered image

IES  light vray for sketchup collection complete ,
IES guide , photometric colors, and ies creator
here there...  of all and  more than
what you see in this image is only a small part of what you'll find in the file